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Not only will we give you THE step by step guide to scaling fine jewelry sales online and with social media, but we’ll also give you all the tools to succeed in 2023 with digital jewelry marketing... including the High-End Conversion Website Template, proven-converting Industry Ad Templates, a customizable and brand-able Irresistible Jeweler Script to differentiate your business and bring in new clients on autopilot, Key Performance Indicator Trackers so you know exactly how much money you're making, Photography and Videography Trainings so you NAIL your first impressions online, winning tactics, and EVEN MORE...

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Robbie is one of the few young people who truly understands what it takes to get sales in this industry. I'm thankful to know him and glad that he's finally waking up this sleepy industry

Richard Fields, Former Senior VP of Hearts On Fire


This course is so well thought out. I'm just so impressed. We're closing in on 100k a month from this system! 80/20 rule baby!


Angelucci Jewelry

Robbie is just such an incredible human being. I connected with his story of growing up in the jewelry industry and helping his mom but now getting to work with him it's just obvious how much he cares. His program is bar-none the best resource for a jeweler trying to learn marketing. It's professional so well put together. Nothing even comes close



Miss Diamond Ring

Just had my first 9k week!... $1875 for a bracelet, another for 1400 and another for 1800. Then got paid for that gold ring went with $4100. Paid immediately!

You're going to get an awesome review from me at some point in the near future too.. So many doors opened and an incredible resource for sure Robbie. Wildly grateful to have stumbled across your ad.....

There will always be nay-sayers, but to me JBL's worth every penny and has already paid for itself on one sale that I literallv wouldn't have made if I didn't have the feedback from Robbie and other members and his team.

If vou're of the mindset that "I know it all and there's nothing you can teach me", your path is already set - but if your'e teachable and want something that works this is for you


Fitfo Designs

"After my first post I already had 3 people who wanted to put in an order for jewelry!

I was like omg this is unreal! That makes 6 orders in the first week alone!

This course is amazing because it pushed me and I feel accomplished for every step I took just to get over myself and the fear"


Mayka Vogue Designs

"In my house we have a saying: 'We like smart people' and Robbie is a VERY smart person and he's someone you can trust.

There's nothing that even comes close to this program in this industry."


Charleston Engagement Rings

This program is setup to really explain marketing and how to apply it to the jewelry space. It teaches you, it doesn't do everything for you. If you want to learn and have the drive I would highly recommend it.

Get a quote from someone on the cost of managing your advertising/social media/website and I bet you can't get 1 month of service for this price. You can easily pay this course off with a single sale.


Scott Markham Designs

Im shocked more people aren't jumping on this. Awesome course and great information to accelerate your business. Remember, everything today is Visual!



Kev's Jewelry Designs

Man, Robbie is just killing it with innovation and bring value to us jewelers. If I ever have a question about anything it's like it's already been thought out and answered. From my own experience in engineering, I love how everything is broken down. It made setting it all up much easier.



ATL Custom Jewelers

I just love how Robbie literally grew up in this industry. You can really tell that he GETS it and the fact that his whole course and program is meant for someone just like me has been amazing. Can't say enough good about JBL



Mead Jewelers

I love how this is made JUST for the jewelry industry. Before JBL we actually went to an agency who had charged us more than $25,000 just for a website - and it didn't even work. When we got into JMP we just used their template and did what they said and within what felt like days we had sales coming in. Never looking back. I would highly recommend this if you're a jewelry business owner.



Virginia Anne Designs

Before getting into JBL I thought of my jewelry business like a side gig but now I know I can take my passion and actually have a career with it. I've never been exposed to so much wisdom from people who are actually in the industry



Makiko Wakita

Even though I've been in this industry for years, I never knew why certain people bought my jewelry and why some people didn't. But going through JBL helped me understand my audience and their needs to the point where now I'm able to make 10x what I used to from the same exact person by switching my offering. It's truly amazing what a little shift in business can do



Logan Del Monico

I started my business and my media grew really fast but even though I was getting press and social media followers, I wasn't making online sales. It didn't make sense. So I came into JBL seeing if there was anything it could do to help me and it turns out I was approaching this backwards! But now I have a clear path to selling my jewelry line online and I'm able to use what I've built rather than starting from scratch



Veronica Tharmalingham

More Reviews Below ...



...We've got you covered.


We bundled all the goodness we created for our own jewelry businesses into Jewelry Biz Launch, a complete resource that will give you the support and training you need to find, nurture, sell & retain more fine jewelry clients longer in your own business.

 VALUE:  $22,000


...How does a complimentary professionally optimized site sound?


Your website shouldn't embarrass you... it should make you money while you sleep. The problem: you are not a tech wiz nor do you have the money to pay one. If that sounds familiar, you can use a site that we paid more than $15000 to have custom built for jewelers who want to start seeing real results from online. Easy to customize and set up in 1 day. Oh, and it's on the house. You're welcome.

 VALUE:  $15,000

But I'm not¬†making consistent online sales yet!¬†ūüė≠

...that's why you're here isn't it?


For those who are just getting started, you'll have exclusive access to our Jewelry Biz Launch‚ĄĘ¬†accelerator program - a 30 days to $30k blueprint to take anyone from no online sales to a pipeline full of tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry customers - with no advertising money or high-tech set up required. This is the exact no b.s. methodology¬†you need to earn your place in the industry quickly.

 VALUE:  $6400

Speaking of¬†getting started --> Val used the Jewelry Biz Launch‚ĄĘ Method to score a 10 Carat Total Weight ring sale as her VERY FIRST SALE within her first 30 days of implementing the JBL blueprint.


Some of the goodies you'll get inside¬†ūüď¶


The Jewelry Ai Blueprint

You work too much, but if you could delegate 90% of your tasks to Ai and automations you'd have more time for yourself & more consistent income. Learn how we use Ai to put our jewelry businesses on autopilot 

 VALUE:  $6200

Facebook Ads Training

See how we set up, launch and scale highly profitable facebook ads for our jewelry businesses. We walk you step by step so you can outperform 99% of expensive agencies on your own

 VALUE:  $3400

Google Ads (PPC) Training

Use this tried and tested advertising strategy just for your business. Copy and Paste our templates to start getting leads to your business today

 VALUE:  $2700

Jewelry Video Pro‚ĄĘ

Video converts. Video grabs attention, holds attention, creates emotion and tells a story. Your jewelry isn't cheap, your jewelry isn't basic, but your media tells a different story. Learn how to use the most powerful selling tool available to create sales. We show you step by step how to create videos that... wow.

 VALUE:  $5200

Jewelry Media Makeover‚ĄĘ

Jewelry is visual. In this mini course we show you how to shoot GORGEOUS photos that will make your jewelry look drool-worthy good. Improving your photography is one of the easiest upgrades you can make - and you need no special equipment to get breath taking results.

 VALUE:  $2000

Mental Clarity Training

Life is tough. Business is tough. If you're going to last every round of adversity that the world wants to throw at you - you need a next-level mindset. A few jewelers have called this the most important training they've ever gone through.

 VALUE:  $4900

JBL Exclusive Templates & Tools‚ĄĘ

Track your return on investment, make educated decisions, organize your work, handle more clients and run your jewelry business like a professional. No need to reinvent the wheel - skip past years of work and see results faster when you use the right tools

 VALUE:  $3400

The Essential Marketing Foundations‚ĄĘ

How do you stand out? How do you price your pieces? How do you align your market, messaging, social media and make your jewelry business & products irresistible to potential customers? This is a no b.s. guide to powerful jewelry marketing that makes strangers want to buy your jewelry

 VALUE:  $3000

Jewelry Media Mastery¬†‚ĄĘ

Social media sales, jewelry website conversions, commercial creation, organic marketing, email marketing, sms marketing, online sales. If you're not getting enough jewelry sales from online, it's because you don't understand the content in this section. 

 VALUE:  $8700

...and much more

 VALUE:  $42,597+


ūüď¶ The Jewelry Ai Blueprint $6200

ūüď¶ The JMP Site Template¬†$15000

ūüﶬ†Facebook Ads Training¬†$3400

ūüﶬ†Google Ads Training¬†$2700

ūüﶬ†Jewelry Video Pro¬†$5200

ūüﶬ†Jewelry Media Makeover¬†$2000

ūüﶬ†Mental Clarity Training¬†$4900

ūüﶬ†JMP Exclusive Tools and Templates¬†$3400

ūüﶬ†The Essential Marketing Foundations¬†$3000

ūüﶬ†Jewelry Biz Launch¬†$6400

ūüﶬ†Jewelry Media Mastery¬†$8700 and...

ūüﶬ†Software & Tech Bonuses¬†$8800+


Total Value: $42,597+

Get Started Any Other Day For The Monthly Fee:

One Payment Of Just $9,899.00

This would easily cost you tens of thousands for all the value we've packed in above... But you can get started any day with Jewelry Biz Launch for just one payment $9,899!

ūü§Į HOWEVER¬†ūü§Į


JUST $48!


Limited Spots Available


Whats Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes more than 130 Value Packed Video Tutorials full of zero-fluff, real proven marketing and ready to use techniques that anyone can understand and implement immediately - regardless of their tech or business level.

Low Hanging Fruit

You don't have to wait to see a results. Get sales quickly with our top 5 low-hanging-fruit campaigns for creating immediate cashflow for your jewelry business

The Keys To The Industry

Feel like you're on the outside looking in? That ends today. Once you join JBL you can have access to the real top-level players in this industry. No more waiting outside the club - we've used our influence to unlock these doors for you so your business can climb to the top 1% from day 1.

Meet Your Instructors

(Left to Right: Cindi, Michelle, Robbie)

Robbie Haddad grew up in his family's jewelry store in Massachusetts (which started in the late 1980's) and being a video marketer for other businesses, he wanted to figure out an easy reliable way to get a steady stream of high end jewelry sales for his own family's store (who doesn't want that).

As you probably have experienced, good business information is hard to come by and most jewelers keep their cards close to their chests. So after years and years of struggling to put into practice whatever advice they could find online, in magazines, from jewelry coaches, and jewelry marketing gurus and spending tens of thousands on education and conferences...

They finally had wasted enough money and knew that they wanted to do things differently and ended up creating their own system for selling fine jewelry. It took some tweaking, but within just the first year this system had brought in over $800,000 in sales and it made them sales whether they were in the store, or at home watching TV. Their little family business now makes 7 figures per year and they've been able to transition to COMPLETELY by appointment only. This means his mom, Cindi, has all the income she needs, control over her time AND the business makes sales and books appointments while she sleeps. In fact every day because of the system we show you in Jewelry Marketer Pro, our family store gets between 2-10 fine jewelry sales from online every single day on auto pilot.

As you can see, other jewelers soon heard and asked Robbie to help them out too - and now those businesses are consistently selling fine jewelry online, hiring new employees, opening second locations, reinvesting profits for new equipment and materials, growing their brand names and spending more time on vacation while actually making more money than before.

One of those students was Michelle Demaree. She is THE premiere high end luxury engagement concierge on the West Coast (per Luxury Magazine) specializing in 5-15 carat engagement rings and after experiencing JBL for herself, she caught the vision and ended up joining the team to help aspiring jewelry business owners fast track their success in ways no one else offers.

Each of these 3 team members is a coach in our program and each runs their own successful high end jewelry business which they started themselves from scratch and they all run their own marketing using the exact same JBL System. We practice what we preach.

If you're sick of sitting on the sidelines while other businesses grow then it's time to invest in yourself and your business for the better. We want to help ambitious jewelry business owners reach their next goal, whether it's making their first 6 figures, 7 figures, 8 figures or retiring and passing on their store to a new owner.

We've got the credentials and done the hard work for you. Now it's up to you to decide that you're not just going to learn what your next step should be, but you're going to take it. If you're ready to finally take your jewelry business by the helm and sail it into your newer brighter future - this is your shot. Don't miss it. Get in while time lasts.

Get Started Today For Just $48!

Who This Course Is For

  • You¬†are serious about growing your jewelry business to multiple 6 & 7 figures per month & have the drive to see your success come to life
  • You value time and following a proven plan instead of figuring confusing things out on your own
  • You like just knowing exactly what to do instead of being left in the dark on subjects you now nothing about
  • You're the kind of person who wants to make¬†more than enough money from your jewelry business to hire all the staff and systems you need to run your business for you while you give high level directions

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • You¬†do not value saving time following proven plans
  • Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error
  • You don't believe there is a huge untapped opportunity in the jewelry industry for small businesses to disrupt giant multi-national corporations
  • You like being disconnected and having no support to keep you accountable to hitting your goals
  • You like letting life happen to you instead of designing the life you want and making it a reality

ūüĎá Listen To The Jewelry Business Owners In The Video BelowūüĎᬆ


what happens to jewelers who enroll...

  • Pashko started using this system of Feb 2022 after one year of business ownership and by October '22 was closing in on $100k/ month in sales
  • Paul uses our lead generation and Ai solutions to get new leads and close them every single day without lifting a finger. His business is now doing more than 2million annual revenue and he's working less than ever before
  • William used one of our done-for-you campaigns and within 3 hours of launch had more than 1500 leads for fine jewelry & repairs. Yes really
  • Mayka started using the system and within her first week had 6 high end appointments booked with no ad spend
  • Jesse started in March '22 and within one month had his first ever 9k week - after only having sold pieces under $300 up to that point
  • Virginia closed her first 30k job just 3months into the program and was able to replace her broken site that she paid 25,000 for with our site which worked immediately
  • Devonta got his first engagement ring sale ever within 1 week of being in the program and now teaches other jewelers how he did it
  • Robbie (yes the same Robbie from above) made 17k in sales within the first 2 weeks of his business¬†before he could even get his business properly set up. It worked that well. Now he¬†almost effortlessly makes an extra 6 figures/ year while helping other jewelers do the same
  • Tiahni saves over $2800 a month by switching over to our system from her previous outsourced providers & now has a streamlined process for handling all of her new leads
  • Logan went from $250/ piece to 3 sales between $3k-7k in month one and got a feature in a major magazine
  • Matt started using our system in his engagement ring business and in the first day got multiple leads and in month one sold 16 engagement rings
  • Jarred, one of our office admins, started his own jewelry business and got his first fine engagement ring sale in November '22 and now regularly sells fine jewelry on the side
  • Cindis regularly now gets 2-10 fine jewelry sales from online every single day with an average sale of $3500
  • Chris was able to open a physical store after getting too many clients coming to his home. Now he regularly gets fine jewelry clients every day from online using the tools we gave him.
  • Feliciano regularly now gets multiple 5 figure high end sales every month and has now been featured on the red carpet for a Marvel film
  • Cherise sold $105k worth of premade jewelry in 2 weeks after getting into our program
  • Mehul made 31k his very first month just using out templates and has been able to quit his multiple 6 figure tech job for good
  • Jens followers have grown by more than 15000 on instagram and she now regularly gets dm's for work from high paying individuals
  • Kevin was in the process of trying to build out a system like ours and saved himself years by following and using our guides and templates
  • And HUNDREDS more...
  • Your story goes here :)



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