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"3 Steps to a 7 figure Income as a Jewelry Designer"

Make 10k in Jewelry Sales in your first 90 days using our system guaranteed

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You're Going To See

  • How we get hundreds of automated $3500+ sales and thousands of leads using tools that everyone has access to
  • The trick to selling jewelry that ensures your success before you spend any money
  • A massive "loophole" that we've used to get 10x more sales than most jewelers or marketers think is possible
  • How to get an "unfair" amount of people to see your jewelry so you can create more demand around your business
  • What are the biggest mistakes that most jewelers make in online advertising that are costing them thousand of sales
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Katie S

I'm lightyears ahead of where I ever thought I could be. I truly think the progress i've made with the JMP tools, support, and guidance would have taken 5 years, if I even got that far in that amount of time.

Jesse D

So many doors opened and an incredible resource for sure Robbie. Wildly grateful to have stumbled across your ad.

There is a ton of value here. Made $6k this week just from a few of the tweaks that you suggested

Tiahni M

..value after value after value! This is so awesome. I selfishly don't want to tell any of the other jewelers about it

What You Will Learn:

If you've struggled to consistently get sales of your high end jewelry online (or you don't know how to start selling high end jewelry online) then this short mini masterclass should clear up what your next steps should be.

The process we created for our own family jewelry store (and that we now use with more than 60 other jewelers to date) is what we actually used to hit our first 7 figure year in high end jewelry sales. It's also what we believe to be the quickest and most sure-fire way to start selling high end jewelry online and to keep doing so for years to come (as we've done).

We've used this method with jewelers who are just starting out to those already 30+ years in to consistently sell:

Bridal and Engagement,

High End Custom,

Fine Jewelry Sales,

Large Order Quantities,

6 + 7 figure single sales

Fine Jewelry Rebuilds

New diamond and gemstone sales

And if you're currently selling pieces under $1000, it also allows you to start selling in the $3500+ category without buying new inventory or equipment

However, the way we'll teach you to do online sales allows you to start with:

$0 invested in Materials

No equipment

No previous marketing know-how

No e-commerce experience

No large web or social media presence (we have multiple jewelers with only 300 followers making more money than those with over 100k...)

No previous industry connections

No fancy studio

No storefront (though we do have plenty of jewelers with storefronts)

The only requirement is a desire to provide beautiful high end jewelry pieces to happy-to-pay customers AND the desire to have a business system that you can run from anywhere on your own schedule.

Some of the things we'll talk about on the next page are....


Some Jewelers We Work With

Meet The Team Behind the System

(Left to Right: Cindi, Michelle, Robbie)

Robbie Haddad grew up in his family's jewelry store in Massachusetts and being a video marketer for other businesses, he wanted to figure out an easy reliable way to get a steady stream of high end jewelry sales for his own family's store (who doesn't want that).

As you probably have experienced, good marketing information is hard to come by and most jewelers keep their cards close to their chests. So after years and years of struggling to put into practice whatever advice they could find online, in magazines, from jewelry coaches, and jewelry marketing gurus and spending tens of thousands on education and conferences...

They finally had wasted enough money and knew that they wanted to do things differently and ended up creating their own system for selling fine jewelry. It took some tweaking, but within just the first year this system had brought in over $800,000 in sales and it made them sales whether they were in the store, or at home watching TV. Their little family business now makes 7 figures per year and they've been able to transition to COMPLETELY by appointment only. This means his mom, Cindi, has all the income she needs, control over her time AND the business makes sales and books appointments while she sleeps.

As you can see, other jewelers soon heard and asked Robbie to help them out too - and now those businesses are consistently selling fine jewelry online, hiring new employees, opening second locations, reinvesting profits for new equipment and materials, growing their brand names and spending more time on vacation while actually making more money than before.

One of those students was Michelle Demaree. She is THE premiere high end luxury engagement concierge on the West Coast (per Luxury Magazine) specializing in 5-15 carat engagement rings and after experiencing JMP for herself, she caught the vision and ended up joining the team to help aspiring jewelry business owners fast track their success in ways no one else offers.

Each of these team members is a coach in our program and each runs their own successful high end jewelry business which they started themselves from scratch and they all run their own marketing using the exact same JMP System. We practice what we preach.

Today, in this short masterclass, you're going to learn the key pieces that make up this system, as well as common pitfalls you need to avoid, so that you can install it for your business and start making sales by this very same time next week (our record so far for a student is 6 sales in week one). It will outline the basic premise for the system, give an overview of how it works, and for whom it will work as well as give you the opportunity to talk with someone from our team if you'd like to learn more.

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Some success stories:

  • Pashko started using this system of Feb 2022 after one year of business ownership and by October '22 was closing in on $100k/ month in sales
  • Mayka started using the system and within her first week had 6 high end appointments booked with no ad spend
  • Jesse started in March '22 and within one month had his first ever 9k week - after only having sold pieces under $300 up to that point
  • Virginia closed her first 30k job just 3months into the program
  • Devonta got his first engagement ring sale ever within 1 week of being in the program
  • Robbie (yes the same Robbie from above) made 12k in sales within the first 2 weeks of his business from just 2 pieces and now makes a few extra thousand every month with $0 in adspend so far
  • Tiahni saves over $1500 a month by switching over to our system from her previous outsourced providers
  • Logan went from $250/ piece to 3 sales between $3k-7k in month one and got a feature in a major magazine
  • Matt started using our system in his engagement ring business and in the first day got multiple leads
  • Jarred, one of our office admins, started his own jewelry business and got his first fine engagement ring sale in November '22
  • Your story goes here :)


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